SiriusDecisions Research Brief: Identifying and Overcoming Buying Group Blindness

59% of B2B Buying Decisions are Made by Groups, Not Individuals

Learn how to uncover hidden buying groups for more closed deals.

Marketing teams often assume that when someone completes a form to consume content, that person is in the market for the solution they’re selling. SiriusDecisions’ research suggests, though, that a given lead on its own is not reliable evidence of buying motion.

In fact, fewer than one in 100 inquiries convert to closed/won business, and in B2B, that rate can be even lower.

For too long, marketing and sales have focused on the individual lead. But research shows that 59 percent of B2B buying decisions are made by groups of people who work together, not individuals. Without having a way to uncover these “hidden” buying groups who influence decision-making, B2B companies will continue to focus their efforts on the wrong targets.

How can you uncover buying groups and determine which groups are engaging?

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  • Learn why buying groups are so challenging to identify
  • Discover key questions to ask to identify buying groups
  • Get 3 action steps to take now to match leads to accounts

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