About New Relic

New Relic provides the real-time insights that software-driven businesses need to innovate faster. New Relic’s cloud platform makes every aspect of modern software and infrastructure observable, so companies can find and fix problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams, and speed up transformation projects.

As a high-growth public company, New Relic provides cloud software
that enables customers to instrument their digital environments to create exceptional digital experiences. Serving 16,000+ customers including 50% of the Fortune 100, New Relic powers brands in all industries to leverage insights from data. In a hyper-growth environment, New Relic sales and marketing needed a way to align around contact capture and activity data to cross-functionally improve overall pipeline and customer retention and expansion.

The Story

New Relic dealt with a lack of consistency in capturing contacts and assigning them to the right opportunities which led to challenges in measuring marketing attribution. The lack of data spanned the entire customer journey from pre-to-post sales functions. They needed accuracy to improve sales productivity, marketing attribution, and uncover signals for customer health and retention.

They kicked off with for go-to-market employees in APAC, then successfully launched enterprise-wide in just 14 days. New Relic’s global go-to-market employees use the platform; including account executives, sales operations, sales development, marketing, and customer success.

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B2B Software

Use Cases

– Automate Activity Data Capture
– Unlock Data-Driven Sales Coaching

– Automate Contact Creation
– Improve CRM Health

Customer Success
– Customer Churn Detection
– Customer Coverage Monitoring

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  • Automate contact and activity capture across the entire enterprise for every customer and prospect engagement
  • Gain visibility into all customer-facing activities to look for opportunities
    to improve productivity and best practice coaching
  • Analyze and surface insights from go-to-market activity data in order to optimize the sales pipeline
  • Identify customer activity related to the retention and expansion of customers


  • 100,000 Contacts Automatically Capture in the First 6 Months
  • 80% Improvement in CRM Health
  • 300% Increase in High-Value Data Activity
  • Identified Early Warning Sights of Customer Churn
Jackie Opel

“Our business case was made on contact capture – we’ve exceeded all our goals in the number of contacts we could create. We also built the rest of the business case, not only on building pipeline, but on improved contacts on opportunities and marketing attribution, contacts, and activities. We’re capturing signals for customer retention and expansion. We’re also looking at the type and time spent on activities by high performers in sales to better optimize sales cycles.”

Jackie Opel
GTM Strategy and Operations
New Relic

Outcomes After Rolling Out

  • Automatically captured over 100,000 contacts in the first six months of deployment
  • Improved the health of their CRM environment (based on opportunity data accuracy) from 50% to 90%
  • Increased high-value activity data by 300% to correlate activity to pipeline
  • Identified early warning signs of customer churn

Leveraging’s ability to automatically capture contact and activity data, New Relic has operationalized the Revenue Intelligence System to drive improvements across sales, marketing, and customer success.

• Mapped sales activity to rep performance to focus sales coaching efforts, thereby driving prospect engagement within accounts

• Segmented cohorts of New Relic’s database of contacts to improve demand generation and nurture campaigns

• Conducted win/loss analysis on deals to determine when to deploy resources, as well as when in the sales process to engage different buying personas in order to accelerate sales and improve win rates.

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