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The 3 Biggest Stumbling Blocks to Effective Pipeline Planning

Sales teams need to build pipeline and grow revenue at an accelerated pace – no easy task in the midst of the current macroeconomic climate. 

It’s even more problematic when you consider that most teams lack a reliable, repeatable, and data-centric approach to both short- and long-term planning. 

Read our eBook to explore the three biggest stumbling blocks this creates for effective pipeline generation:

  1. Limited access to GTM data to make more informed territory planning and design decisions.
  2. Unstructured offline account planning processes impede reinforcement and the ability to validate execution.
  3. Limited ability to measure and iterate progress against operational plans, resulting in an underutilized supporting sales ecosystem.

We also outline proven ways GTM teams can jump these hurdles and pave the way for data-driven planning that ensures effective downstream execution.