Remote working has unveiled some serious cracks in the traditional sales process. The reality is most organizations don’t have a strong understanding of “what good looks like,” and by the time they report on the forecast, it’s typically too late to change the trajectory of the quarter.

In this on-demand webinar, in partnership with LeanData, we will learn how New Relic worked with to get ahead of their competition by using leading indicators to accelerate predictable pipeline build, conversion and ultimately revenue growth. You will learn:

  1. Why leading indicators are crucial for your sales process
  2. How managers are using data to drive their conversations with reps
  3. 3 takeaways related to using leading indicators

Diane Palmer, Senior Director of Revenue Operations and GTM Strategy at New Relic, has changed the game for revenue operations. The team at New Relic is pioneering the practice of using leading indicators to monitor sales performance, anticipate risks in the pipeline and introduce more proactive coaching practices for sales managers to affect immediate change.

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