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We’re on a mission to be the AI Platform for all business activity across every organization.

DATA-DRIVEN TO THE CORE is on a mission to be the AI Platform for all business activity. We’re starting by solving the age old problem of sales and marketing alignment, but in a completely new way. We believe that by automating manual tasks (like logging activities into your CRM), you’ll have more time in your day to focus on what’s most important to your business, and sales and marketing teams get the data they need to align and thrive.

Founded in 2016, is based in San Francisco.

The Leadership Team

Oleg Rogynskyy

CEO & Founder

Prior to Oleg helped start and scale three big data companies, two of which, including Oleg’s own Semantria, were subsequently acquired. He has a passion for data science, machine learning and text analytics. At Oleg is leveraging these technologies to solve the age-old problem of measuring and optimizing human productivity.

Andrey Akselrod

Chief Technology Officer

Andrey brings almost two decades of experience in managing engineering teams to Prior to joining, Andrey co-founded and was CTO of Smartling, a late-stage translation technology SaaS platform. Prior to Smartling. he was VP of Technology at SpaFinder and Chief Software Architect at RunTime Technologies. Andrey’s focus at is growing a world-class engineering team to help evolve the platform.

Zach Cusimano

Chief of Staff

Prior to joining, Zach Co-founded and held the position of COO for Bizness Apps, the world’s largest mobile app development platform. Over the course of 6-years he led the mobile SaaS startup from inception to market leadership. Achieving market penetration of over 5% of the total iTunes marketplace and reaching over 30 million monthly active users across 83 countries. At he is focused on building out and supporting our go-to-market strategies and teams.

Nancy Jordan


Ms. Jordan has eight years of experience in information security. She held a top secret security clearance at a government contractor from 2002 to 2010. As the Facility Security Officer, and certified IS Security Manager for Kestrel Technology and Rogue River Research, she ensured all team members complied with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. This included processing clearance applications, classification and marking, safeguarding classified information and certifying the technical and non-technical security features of the IS.

David Singh

VP Strategic Sales

David has been in Sales Leadership for over 15 years. Before joining, David was VP of Sales at Lattice Engines, helping develop that organization into the leading Predictive vendor and introducing Predictive Lead Scoring to the mainstream. Prior to that, David was on the Executive teams at Demandforce and Backbase, was a Technical Sales Leader at iRise and Rational Software, and was in Enterprise Sales at Salesforce Marketing Cloud. At, David’s focus is to build a best-in-class sales team to drive the company towards its revenue goals.

Joshua Hanewinkel

VP of Customer Success

Joshua brings over ten years of experience in customer success and sales roles focused on customer experience, relationship management, and customer loyalty. Prior to joining, Josh led global customer success at Mixpanel. His past experience includes time at Responsys and ConnectEDU and other leading companies. Josh’s main focus at is ensuring customers are successful.

Rajit Joseph

VP of Product

Rajit brings fifteen years of experience in product management and strategy, building enterprise applications. Prior to joining, Rajit held various product leadership positions at, C9, Salesforce, Oracle, Siebel and General Electric. He has contributed to patents in the sales forecasting and opportunity scoring space. For the past four years, he has been focused on applying big data and machine learning algorithms to solve enterprise business problems.

Hilary Salazar

VP Product Marketing

Hilary Salazar brings over 10 years of enterprise SaaS marketing experience to Prior to joining she held leadership roles in Product Marketing, Competitive, and Sales Enablement at Box, Salesforce, Tealeaf, and SuccessFactors. Hilary’s focus at is driving the path forward for their messaging and go-to-market strategy.

Ben Daters

VP of Sales

Ben joins us from a long, successful tenure at Marketo where he earned his sales pedigree. During Ben’s time at Marketo, he learned all areas of the sales function and quickly mastered complex solution selling in an extremely competitive market landscape. Ben’s passion for coaching and leadership helped drive the company through an IPO and acquisition. He was a key member as the company grew from 50M to 250M in annual revenue.

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We know that what we’re building, how we’re building it, and – most importantly – the people who are building it, will make our break the success of our company. That means hiring the the absolute best talent. We’ve got a deep bench of experts in the space. Our team has spent time at some of the fastest growing companies like Salesforce, Marketo, Box, SuccessFactors, Responsys and Smartling.

Just a sneak peek at some of our benefits, we offer healthcare, a laptop of your choice, free lunch and more.

We’ve got a deep bench of experts in the space. Our team has spent time at some of the fastest growing companies like Salesforce, Marketo, Box, SuccessFactors, Responsys and Smartling.

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