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Automate rep training, coaching and Salesforce sync.

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See How gives sales leaders a complete picture of sales activities and leverages AI to deliver performance analytics, personalized coaching and pipeline reviews.

  • See


    How do we spend our time?

    Get a complete picture of team activity directly from emails, meetings, calls and more. No data entry required.

  • Understand


    How can I help my team close more deals?

    Recognize the metrics that help you grow revenue and focus effort where it's needed.

  • Coach


    How can I help my team improve?

    Help your team work smarter with AI-powered coaching and personalized feedback.

See How
Ray Carroll

Sales success can sometimes be a black box, and gives sales leaders the insight to coach, mentor and repeat what works and what doesn't.

Ray Carroll
VP Sales - Engagio
Noah Goldman

As a sales leader my #1 goal is to help my team improve. helps me do that by surfacing unique metrics that give reps measurable, actionable, goals to work towards.

Noah Goldman
Director of Special Projects - Smartling
Joshua Adragna is one of our main dashboards because it gives us a clear picture of how our team is using their time by account and activity. The software also saves me from having to create manual reports because it automatically tracks activity as it relates to closing opportunities.

Joshua Adragna
Director of Sales - Mattermark
Joshua Adragna is the source of truth when it comes to sales activity.

Matthew Lenhart
Sales Operations Manager - PandaDoc
Activity Tracking

Automatically sync all sales data to your CRM.

Pipeline Insight

Use TV Mode to explore trends and share insights across the office.


No services or IT involvement needed.

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Our investors and advisors include the creator of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, product leaders on the Facebook Messenger Platform and IBM Watson, sales leaders from Cisco, Cloudera, Marketo, Oracle, Responsys and Trulia and the founders of 6sense, Lookout, Skymind and Smartling.

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