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AI for Sales and Marketing increases the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams, and offers personalized, actionable insights when and where you need them.

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Study Shows Go-to-Market teams are Accelerating Growth through Artificial Intelligence, According to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey, sponsored by

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It Starts With The Wire captures all the customer contacts and activities you need to be successful. Now, using that data, The Wire offers personalized, actionable insights when and where you need them.

Like a brilliant personal assistant who’s always on top of his game, The Wire uses artificial intelligence to make sure you always have the most effective and productive day possible.


The Revenue
Intelligence System offers the industry’s only Revenue Intelligence System (RIS) that automates the capture of all contact and customer activity data, dynamically updates your CRM and provides actionable intelligence across your CRM, collaboration, business intelligence, and other management tools for sales, marketing, customer success and services teams to realize the full selling capacity of your customer-facing teams.

Actionable Intelligence| Improved Productivity| Greater Sales Efficiency| Accelerated Revenue Growth| More Engaged Customer Experience|


“Revenue Intelligence providers are leading the charge of delivering on the promise of what sales force automation was supposed to do.”

Dana Therrien
Service Director, Sales Operations Strategies

Leading Businesses Get Actionable Intelligence From

Nadav Benbarak, Okta
Nadav Benbarak
Business Strategy and Operations

“ brings sales activity data out of the darkness, and gives us a complete view of who our company is talking to”

Richard Button
Richard Button
RVP of Corporate Sales

“ gives us powerful insights for sales coaching and allows us to know what productivity looks like on a per rep basis.”

Mike Cabot
VP of Corporate Sales at Malwarebytes

“The Wire is a real example of AI’s power to help automate my day and make me more productive.”

David Baga
Chief Business Officer

“By using, we have amazing visibility into how much time our sales team is spending on each account, and helps our managers provide coaching that was never possible before.”

Marceline Guyette, Hexagon PPM
Marceline Guyette
Sales Excellence and Digital Sales Transformation Specialist

“ gives your sales reps and your data super powers.”

Ryan Toben
Vice President Corporate Sales

“With we were able to gain valuable business insights. We found trends that helped us identify at-risk deals before they happened, allowing us to hit our number quarter after quarter.” sales ai customer
Scott Holden
Chief Marketing Officer automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity, and provides actionable intelligence across all your management tools.

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