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The creator of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Product Leads on the Facebook Messenger Platform and IBM Watson, sales leaders from Marketo, Cisco, Responsys and Avangate and the founders of Lookout, 6sense, Skymind and Smartling.

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Ray Carroll is essentially a report card for sales people. Are you effective in your messaging? How do you stack up against your peers? Sales success can sometimes be a black box, and gives sales leaders the insight to coach, mentor and repeat what works and what doesn't.

Ray Carroll
VP Sales - Engagio
Noah Goldman is the single best answer ever devised to the question: 'what are my reps doing?'. Period. Full stop. No more spreadsheets, no more compliance issues. Just clean, clear data, broken down any way I want to slice it. This is what Salesforce wishes it was. The new standard, plain and simple.

Noah Goldman
Director of Special Projects - Smartling
Joshua Adragna

It’s one thing to track activity through Salesforce, but my CEO is very involved in the sales process and wants to understand how much time is being spent on each activity. For example, is average call length increasing as customers get more value from our team? is one of our main dashboards because it gives us a clear picture of how our team is using their time by account and activity. The software also saves me from having to create manual reports because it automatically tracks activity as it relates to closing opportunities.

Joshua Adragna
Director of Sales - Mattermark

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