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Leverage the power of to increase your sales team’s productivity, unlock hidden coaching opportunities, and gain actionable deal level visibility into the sales pipeline.

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How People․ai Drives Sales Team Performance and Visibility for Sales Leaders

Increase Sales Team Productivity

By removing the administrative burden on your sales team of creating new contacts and logging every customer activity in the CRM, automatically increases productivity and gives salespeople more time to focus on closing deals.

Improved Reporting and Forecasting Accuracy

With 100% of sales activities being captured and matched to the correct account and opportunity, reports and forecasts become more reliable because they're now fueled with accurate data.

Unlock Hidden Coaching Opportunities

The platform allows sales leaders to set goals and track all sales activities. Additionally, delivers benchmarking data such as time spent on accounts and opportunities, the number of accounts a salesperson has engaged, number and types of activities by a salesperson, prospect response times, and more.

Automatically Increase CRM Adoption

Are your salespeople simply not using your CRM? Leveraging for CRM activity and data entry automatically increases CRM adoption, eliminates repetitive tasks, increases sales team productivity, reduces administrative time, and reduces the opportunity for human error.

Visibility and Insights into Deals and The Sales Process

The platform gives sales leaders a clear visualization of who sales have spoken with at each stage of an opportunity. Using this information, sales leaders can work with their sales reps to define which roles are needed in the buying center at each stage to move deals forward. Additionally, sales leaders are able to build deal models in order to benchmark sales performance and focus future sales efforts.

Activity Syncing and Reporting Based on Role

SDRs, field, and enterprise sales people all communicate and engage with their prospects in different ways, and your sales intelligence software should be able to adapt to the way they each sell. With the industry’s ONLY role based activity syncing and reporting by role capability, is truly the only revenue intelligence platform equipped with the power to handle the way your team sells.

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  • Palo Alto Networks
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  • New Relic

” provides a critical layer of intelligence for our team. We have a full picture of all activity goin on in our accounts, understand where our team is spending their time, and what has the biggest impact.”

Mikita Mikado

CEO, PandaDoc
AI for Sales | for Sales Leaders
AI for Sales | for Sales Leaders

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