Companies are spending more on change management, process and performance when the answer lies in their data

When we’re able to understand what great sales teams look like through high-quality data and insights, other teams are able to learn from them and ultimately, earn more revenue. McKinsey & Company even states that companies who refine their sales motion through insights from sales behavior see an average of 20% improvement in sales productivity, bringing science to the more qualitative art of buyer-seller interactions.

It is also true whenever undertaking performance improvement in any domain, not just sales, the quality of the data is critical and informs the nature of coaching and the progress of the individual. This article emphasizes the value of ensuring that the data validates the measurement of what a great team does. What’s more, you are also able to glean insights from how top performers are spending their time in order to make them successful. 

By teaming up with business services to use insights and actions to help sales organizations around the world and documenting the impact, is able to provide a strong baseline through contextual data, insights and actions for companies to bring AI into their business strategy. We are excited to see firms like McKinsey & Company making revenue intelligence an integral part of their transformation practice and look forward to helping sales organizations reach their full potential.

One of things that really excited us about McKinsey & Company was the work they’ve done on sales performance. They used data to uncover leading indicators from over 40,000 sales deals, with the kind consent of five involved companies that shared their data in an anonymized form, which helped to uncover how sales leaders are able empower their teams to be more productive and more effective. 

They share more of their research in this white paper, How data analytics helps sales reps win more deals.