As a sales leader, you strive to do everything you can to support, coach, and incentivize high performing sales reps to stay on your team.

But, the fact is, salespeople have twice the annual turnover as other functions.

This high level of departmental employee churn not only impacts revenue, it impacts morale and can normalize people “jumping ship” faster than they should. Not the standard you want to set.

Sales leaders are consistently seeking his or her unique leadership style that creates an environment where sales reps either feel supported to perform well under pressure.

But, fostering an environment of positive growth and support is sometimes easier said than done.

In the past, much of sales coaching and leadership came down to a sales leader’s personality, intuition, and personal success formula. It was based on relationships with your reps, SLAs, and won and lost deals. Before A.I. technology, you didn’t have much visibility into the personal success formulas of your reps — nor could you draw on data to show you why deals were won or lost.

While who you are as a leader is certainly still paramount, A.I. technology can make creating and retaining a high-performing sales team more of a science and less of a guessing game.

How? Because it unveils data that has long been hidden.

Data that both sales leaders and sales reps can trust.  

Here are four ways A.I. technologies like can help you retain your best sales performers:

1. Create Transparent Accountability for Sales Reps

The platform allows sales leaders to automatically track and monitor each sales reps’ daily activities. You can benchmark performance and clearly differentiate high performers at a glance — based on who’s really getting the right work done — not just involved in deals. You and your reps can set clear goals (such as number of phone calls per day, number of accounts engaged per week), easily track progress via a dashboard and get early-warning insights when a sales rep may need coaching. Greater transparency means everyone’s work is on the table and those who deserve recognition get it.

2. Gain Insight into What Actions Are Needed to Win and Close Deals

Because automatically tracks all sales rep activity into your CRM, you gain visibility into which and how many opportunity contacts and threads are typically involved in won vs lost deals. You discover patterns of activity that let you create SLAs to win more deals.

“With these insights, sales leaders can build a roadmap for sales rep success,” explains David Singh, VP of Sales at “By analyzing what actions need to be taken, and when, you can dramatically increase your close ratio. By taking the time to study your top sales reps, benchmark their activities, and set goals for the rest of the team, your sales team success becomes less of an undefinable art and more of a predictable science.”

3. Deliver Actionable, Targeted Coaching That Inspires Results

With data that unlocks previously hidden information on sales rep activities, you get a much clearer idea of how to target coaching to improve results. Sales reps get specific, actionable steps to take toward success, while you address the underlying issues that may be inhibiting them. High performing sales reps value coaching and development that helps them reach their next level. The data from gives you powerful insights to help them do just that.

4. Save Sales Reps from Boring Data Entry and Let Them Focus on Selling

Most sales reps spend about 20 percent of their time entering data into their CRM. Moreover, only 40 percent of all activity ever makes it in there. automatically enters the data into the CRM and tracks it to the right opportunities — giving your sales reps back one full day per week to focus on doing what they do best: selling (and hopefully hitting quota).

High performing sales reps want to work for high performing leaders who deploy smart technology that drives real results. It needs to be easy to use, intuitive, and save them time — not create more work that takes them away from selling. A.I.-driven technology, like, is revolutionizing how sales teams win deals. Successful sales reps who feel supported, championed, developed, and recognized for their performance are far more likely to stay where they sense they belong and have room to grow.

Looking to reduce employee churn by improving team efficiency, and unlocking hidden sales coaching moments?

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