In many organizations, the content marketing and inside sales teams are the outsiders. The demand gen team and the hotshot sales executives get all the C-Suite praise. But the truth is, these organizational rock stars couldn’t meet their numbers without them.

Demand Gen Report found that 95% of customers choose solution providers that provide relevant content throughout the buying process.

When I was at Achievers, our content team took advantage of every distribution channel available to us. And a primary way we were able to hit our goals was by partnering with the SDR team.

Unlike many other organizations where I’ve led content, the inside sales team was happy to partner up with my team to create lead nurture email flows that made good use of our content library—and our prospects’ time.

Whenever we planned a major marketing event—like a trade show, conference speaking session, or webinar—we updated our nurture email flow for that type of incoming lead to include content that would be relevant as a follow-up.

This was a good partnership for our SDRs because it meant they didn’t have to connect with cold sales leads. Likewise, it was a win for the content team, because it broadened our content reach.

Likewise, the content team helped draft follow-up call scripts that reiterated key points in the content and gave the prospective client an opening for letting us know how we could help them achieve their employee engagement goals.

Content is a great way to warm up a client and create an opening for the inside sales team to have a meaningful qualification conversation.

Building your content into your sales qualification process increases the content team’s visibility, and provides useful data on how your content resonates with your audience.

Isn’t it time your content and inside sales teams became BFFs?