Imagine if your CRM had contacts that were complete, current and classified – meaning that anyone your company had ever spoken to, written to, or met with existed in the database, had up-to-date email addresses, titles, and phone numbers and were tagged with information about their level of seniority and their department. The things you could do with that alone!

Next, imagine that for each of those people, you had comprehensive and exhaustive data on how they engaged with your company. Take a single activity like a meeting – you’d know who participated on your side by role, who on the customer side by their role, who had established relationships, who was new to the mix and if it was the first in-person meeting at a key stage in your sales motion. Multiply that by every single touch by your go-to-market teams.

This is what does. We automatically track activity and contact data and populate the CRM.

But what happens when you take the power to map all activity and contact data to the CRM and combine it with a powerful tool like Gainsight?

Building a New Customer Health Score

That’s what we decided to explore. We focused on creating a powerful health score for’s fast-growing sales team.

Now, typically, relationship or engagement signals are based on:

  • Lagging indicators like NPS scores or measuring advocacy like referrals
  • Product usage like logins or feature adoption
  • Processes such as an Exec Sponsor program to be sure your people are maintaining high-level relationships with key accounts

We decided to keep it simple and augment our current customer success processes. has a high-touch engagement model and we knew instinctively that maintaining the right level of relationships mattered. By partnering with Gainsight, we could now measure those connections. We created a health score that measured relationship health based on whether our CSMs were engaging with the right level of contacts at the right frequency and because of that we found that we could course correct immediately if we saw, for example, that C-level engagement was trailing off close to a big renewal.

What does our health score model do for us?

By partnering with Gainsight to glean key relationship insights, our health score:

  1. Identifies risk relative to renewal dates
  2. Gives us visibility into overall health across the entire customer base by ARR
  3. Gives us a trending picture of relationship health – ie., are we moving the needle?
  4. Gives us an in-depth view into how we’re engaging with our customers by seniority level

This is a level of visibility that we never had before and is a game changer for our team.

With the data proven out, we’re now off to build on it and develop more use cases that can not only help our team, but become a powerful model for and Gainsight customers.

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