If you’ve recently joined a new company and found out that there were dozens of sales and marketing tools in use, and not a single one was integrated with another, you’re not alone.

I’ve seen enterprise companies with multiple instances of Salesforce not talking to each other. Marketing teams whose marketing automation data isn’t flowing into their CRM. Not to mention the dozens of different apps each colleague was using to get their job done.

Many growing companies have adopted a bring-your-own-app approach to workforce technology.

While this keeps employees happy, it can adversely impact the ability for the CRO and the CMO to make informed business decisions.

You can’t have a single source of truth if you’re not consistently logging sales data into Salesforce.

A successful sales team relies upon a single system of record that consolidates sales activities and outcomes. Without it, you’re flying blind.

That’s the situation Matt Lenhart found himself in when he joined the PandaDoc Sales Operations team.

His sales managers simply did not have the data to understand what their sales people were doing. This left them unable to make informed decisions or provide personalized coaching to improve sales performance.

People.ai gave PandaDoc an accurate view of sales activities and empower data-driven decision making. PandaDoc went from spotty sales activity recording to 100% of activity synced into their CRM, in less than 30 days with People.ai.

“People.ai is the source of truth when it comes to sales activity,” says Lenhart.

Download this case study to see how PandaDoc got to their single source of truth.