How many target accounts did your marketing efforts influence last quarter?

What’s the return on investment of every dollar you put into a particular marketing campaign?

If you aren’t tracking and measuring attribution, you’re essentially guessing with your marketing efforts and dollars.

Marketers need to take the time to create a marketing attribution and measurement strategy to show their effort’s impact on pipeline and revenue.

The Problem With Marketing Attribution

How are marketers able to track activities at the opportunity level if the salespeople aren’t logging their activities under your campaign or the right opportunity?

What if a salesperson met a prospect at your conference and didn’t add them to your opportunity? Then that person, who learned about your company from a marketing event, goes on to be a key decision maker in buying your product? Will the conference still receive marketing attribution if the deal closes? takes care of that automatically.

After automatically logging all of a salesperson’s activities, uses cutting-edge AI technology to intelligently match those activities, and the contact they were associated with, to the right opportunity.

At, we know that sales don’t happen in your CRM. There are a lot of sales activities that occur outside of your CRM (only about 40% of sales activities actually make it into the CRM), and even less of those activities and contacts get assigned to the right opportunity, which makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible to attribute marketing efforts to pipeline or closed won dollars.

These additional attribution and measurement insights will empower your organization to understand what marketing efforts are most effective at driving pipeline and ROI.

Ready to Start Getting Credit For Your Marketing Efforts?

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“ is a game changer. It’s the most exciting technology we’ve added to our stack in years.” –  Scott Holden, Chief Marketing Officer at ThoughtSpot

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