What’s the first thing you thought when you clicked on this blog? If you’re at work, it was probably, “Do I have time to read this?” 

It’s getting to be where that’s how working feels all the time, especially in the hectic world of sales and marketing. To compete, you have to go faster, and faster, and faster…all without making mistakes or steering off track.

It’s untenable. The less time you have to spend on any one task, the sloppier you become at all tasks. “Haste makes waste,” after all, and rushing leads to mistakes. But what, exactly, are you supposed to do about it? 

You can’t just buy yourself more time. What you can do, however, is win back some time to spend on the important things—by offloading the unimportant things. That’s where CRM automation comes in, just in time:

What Is CRM Automation?

Your Customer Relationship Management platform is where all the data you need lives. Everything from contact and scheduling info all the way up to analytical data from ad campaigns and captured activity data is stored and accessed via your CRM. 

CRMs are undeniably essential fixtures of a modern sales strategy. They’re also gluttons, however. In this day and age, it can feel like most of our jobs consist of endlessly plugging data into CRMs. It’s boring. It takes forever. And, if you want the data to be useful, there’s not much room for error.

If only there was a way to offload the boring data entry part of CRM so you could play with all that valuable data that much sooner? The solution lies in automation.

CRM automation works by using machine learning and AI to automate all aspects of your CRM adoption and data entry processes, from inputting contact information to pulling data from across various third-party platforms to present you with all the clean, accurate, and reliable data you need to make decisions now