Ever wish you had a FitBit™ for your activities at work? Something that could quickly indicate how you’re tracking against the milestones and goals you’ve set for yourself, or the ones provided by your manager? Or for managers, something that gave you a high level view of the health of your sales team?

Introducing Insights – a new dashboard in that gives each user the most relevant information they need to do their jobs. In one view, a sales manager can drill in on the activity of someone on their team, and an individual sales person can see exactly how they’re spending their time.

Insights gives sales managers and leaders:

  • A single view of where a team member is spending their time – which accounts and opportunities are they spending the most time on? Does this map to what’s in the forecast? What’s at risk?
  • A common source of truth for weekly 1:1s
  • A central place to set goals for team members and track how they’re progressing
  • An activity-driven dashboard to get new hires up to speed and see how they’re pacing

And for salespeople, Insights provides:

  • A single view of the accounts and opportunities they’re engaged with and the related activities
  • An ongoing Self Assessment – Where did I spend my time? Am I spending the most time on my high-value accounts? Where should I focus more?
  • An at-a-glance view of my sales goals and progress

Whether you’re an individual salesperson, or your sales team is 100 or 1,000+, there are countless activities each salesperson is completing each day, week, month, and quarter – Insights allows you to keep track of the critical information all in one place. And like a FitBit™ for sales, you can see you how efficient you’re being with your most valuable resource, your time.

We couldn’t wait until the New Year to launch this, so happy early holidays, and happy selling!