I’ll never forget the first day I logged into Salesforce. I was an intern at SuccessFactors. My mind was blown – the power of the system, the ease and the ability to track and measure everything.

At that moment, a passion for sales and marketing operations was born.

I went on to learn Eloqua, became Marketo Certified and built robust marketing programs using Hubspot and Pardot. While it seems like marketing has a tool for everything, I was always curious as to why the same comprehensive tools didn’t exist for sales teams.

How could we make it easier for sales reps to log activity? How could we better understand which sales tactics were most effective?

Enter People.ai.

As I sat through my first demo of People.ai, my mind was once again blown. Finally, a tool that answered the questions that kept me up at night. A tool that allowed sales managers to have real conversations with their marketing counterparts and executive leadership. A tool that helps leaders, manage better and embrace a culture of management by accountability.

And that’s why I made the decision to join People.ai.

Why not request a demo and see the magic for yourself?