According to research from Gartner, Salesforce remains the world’s leading CRM provider with approximately 20% of the $26.2 billion global CRM market. Those figures don’t surprise me as Salesforce remains far and away the most popular CRM among our customers.

Salesforce and work hand in hand. Salesforce’s popularity is a testament to its power as the hub for all sales activities and the system of record for sales. Salesforce is where salespeople go to start their day and call contacts, email their leads and review target accounts. Let’s face it, it’s hard to get any work done as a salesperson without logging into Salesforce!

The problem is that records in Salesforce are often incomplete or inaccurate. Great salespeople want to spend their time selling, not entering data into their CRM, and they often neglect to do so. To make matters worse, salespeople frequently use the tools with which they’re most comfortable. This results in data being spread across a multitude of different systems, such as Evernote, iPhone notes and even paper notebooks! The sales team’s data integrity, and their ability to draw conclusions and make forecasts, is hampered as a result. solves this problem by automatically collecting data on all sales activities by connecting to the APIs of all the systems salespeople use, such as email, calendar, phone and even WebEx, and syncing it back to Salesforce so that reps get 25-40% of their time back. With, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past. As Matt Lenhart, Sales Operations Manager at PandaDoc, put it: “if Salesforce is our ‘record of truth,’ makes it more truthful.”

Given the facts, we’ve made helping you make the most out of your Salesforce investment a top priority. Today I want to share some of the unique benefits that’s integration with Salesforce delivers.

Robust and Transparent

  • Salesforce admins have complete control over which user profile they connect with This gives admins comfort knowing that their Salesforce data will always be secure.
  • Salesforce admins can also see which managed package version they’re using at all times, so that they can make sure their integration is always up to date.
  • API warnings, errors and successes are shown directly in There’s no hidden black box and there’s no need to hunt for critical information. It’s all laid out in a clear, concise manner.
  • High-level aggregations let you know how many API calls is using. This makes your life easier when managing all your SaaS products and gives you the peace of mind to know that you’re never exceeding your call limits. Honestly, I feel a little bad about that one because it’ll make you wish that your other SaaS products had this level of transparency ;).

Focused on What Matters

  • acts as a powerful filter, so that only the right activities reach Salesforce.
  • Designated Salesforce admins have the power to decide whether to blacklist specific patterns of email addresses so that activity from those emails doesn’t clutter up your CRM. Your sales team won’t get distracted by irrelevant information and can focus on the activities that move the revenue needle in the right direction.

Spend More Time Selling

  • New prospects who are looped into email conversations with an existing contact can automatically be created as contacts in Salesforce. For example, if a more junior contact at a target account CCs their boss on a rep’s email, you can have automatically create a contact record for them with all relevant details.
  • With reps spend less time on data entry and more time delivering value to customers!

Easy to Use and Flexible

  • You decide which activities get synced to Salesforce and which don’t. Don’t find it useful to track internal emails? No problem! With you can select which activities are recorded in Salesforce and which aren’t in just one click.
  • Keep your CRM clean by only syncing back the activities that matter to you. At we know that your business is unique. We’re dedicated to helping you reach tailor-made insights that help you win – without having to dig through irrelevant details.

See’s Salesforce integration for yourself, get a demo today! Want to find out what else we’re working on? Check out the rest of our blog.