Hi there! Josh Hanewinkel here, VP of Customer Success at People.ai. My job is to make sure that our growing customer community is getting maximum value from People.ai. Today I’d like to focus on the frontline salespeople winning deals and growing revenue each and every day.

Since joining People.ai I’ve worked with countless sales professionals to understand how we can make their lives easier. Today I’d like to share the results of those conversations and highlight the features that salespeople have found to be particularly valuable.

Activity Sync

Salespeople that I spoke with consistently complained that manually logging all their data into Salesforce was a huge timesink. Time that can’t be used to close deals and make money!

We built automated activity sync into People.ai so that salespeople can focus on winning deals and getting to the top of their company leaderboards. To illustrate:

  • Present systems force salespeople to spend an average of 20% of their time on manual data entry. That’s a whole workday gone every week! In fact, research shows that the average salesperson is able to spend less than a third (just 32%) of their time selling! People.ai gives you that time back.
  • People.ai automatically logs and syncs information on all sales activity – including calls, emails and meetings – back to Salesforce, so that you don’t have to. This saves you time and ensures the accuracy of your data.
  • Tired of micromanaging managers chasing you down to check if you’ve followed up with a prospect? With People.ai all of your activities are automatically synced and visible. It’s easy to show your manager exactly what you’ve accomplished on a daily basis.


Speaking of accomplishments, another frustration that many salespeople expressed was a lack of recognition for their work among management.

  • Salespeople highlight that experienced managers recognize and respect their work, even on deals that are lost. Less experienced managers can sometimes push hard to win every deal (an impossible goal), and tend not to recognize work put into deals that are lost, demotivating their team as a result.
  • With People.ai all the great work that sales professionals do is visible, even if it doesn’t lead directly to a closed deal. Our opportunities feature let’s you show your managers exactly how hard you’ve worked on each account, with indisputable data.

Activity Pipeline Highlight

Personal Development

Finally, People.ai lets salespeople drive their own careers.

  • Curious as to why the salesperson next to you always seems to be crushing quota? People.ai lets you find out with the ability to view the activities of anyone on your team and learn from the best.
  • Does it turn out that she replies to all prospect emails within an hour? Great! You can set a personal goal for yourself to mirror that response time.


  • With People.ai’s scorecard and benchmark features it’s easy to see how you perform on a variety of key metrics that are strongly correlated with winning more deals and closing more revenue.
  • Now salespeople can be their own managers with the ability to track their activity and backwards analyze to see how they have improved and where they can still grow.

Want to find out more? Get a demo and see all of our features in action, or read our blog to see what else we’re working on!