Have you ever heard the phrase, “Everybody’s business is nobody’s business”?

Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve seen it in action.

Think back to the last brainstorming meeting you were in. Chances are someone came up with a slightly off-topic idea that would be of value to your organization. But it was placed in the “parking lot” to come back to. And no one ever did.

That’s because if a project or an idea doesn’t have ownership, everyone thinks someone else is going to take it on.

At People.ai, we’ve embraced the value of end-to-end ownership. Every project has a single owner. One person who is in charge of making it happen.

It’s that individual’s responsibility to take action and drive results. That person may be working with teams across the organization to execute, but they are still the owner of all of its dependencies, including those done by different teams.

That doesn’t mean we expect that person to execute perfectly. But we do expect that they’ll own both their triumphs and their mistakes, push to understand and fix any mistakes that happen, and share those learnings with the broader team.

At People.ai, we believe that ownership results in the best quality work from our team. We understand that when you own a project, you take pride in the quality of the work and your results. And we want everyone on the team to have that opportunity to engage deeply with their work.

We’re always looking for more talented, driven professionals to join the team. Check out our job listings and see if there’s a fit!