There are thousands of tools on the market that sales, marketing, and operations leaders can choose from. That’s why we’re honored when a team comes onboard with us and trusts us with their most valuable asset—their data.

At we work endlessly to earn and keep our customers’ trust.

Our product is all about helping companies better understand their revenue cycle to make data-informed decisions. We ensure that everyone on our team has a deep understanding of each of our customers’ needs and challenges. Only then can we continue to innovate the platform they need.

To build this understanding of the customer, all our employees are in front of our customers as often as possible—including our engineers who are required to spend several hours per quarter in direct customer interactions. We believe having a deep understanding of our customers enables us to better shape our product to meet their AI needs.

Everything we do is for the purpose of delivering the highest value to our customers.

If this sounds like the kind of environment you’ve been looking for, check out our hiring page.