How much time do human beings waste in striving for perfection? How many “very good” products never come to light because their creator just can’t stop tinkering with them?

At, One of our values is “Very good” today is better than “perfect” tomorrow. That means we have ambitious projects, ambitions, and goals, but don’t get sidetracked with perfection.

Or, as a previous mentor of mine used to say, perfection is the enemy of the good.

When striving only for perfection, any mistakes along the way can be seen as crises. This can create more risk aversion, and make a team less likely to challenge the status quo.

We encourage our teams to take smart risks. Should those projects not pan out, it’s ok. We learn from it and move forward. Every member of our team is passionate about the work they do, and we hold people to high standards. But we’re also realistic that anything that goes to market—software, marketing collateral, sales messaging—will be very good…but not perfect.

We believe in iterating quickly on our work, getting feedback, and improving it. This creates a virtuous cycle of progress that allows us to move very fast and deliver continuous value.

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