With most companies now on lockdown or under work-from-home mandates in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), sales leaders are grappling with how to best keep their teams engaged and productive.

To help alleviate this added stress, we’ve put together some best practices and tips to help you weather the “work-from-home storm.”

First off, you can let go of the fear that your team will suddenly become unfocused and unproductive. Multiple studies have found that remote workers are up to 24 percent more productive than on-site employees. Why? Less distraction and more satisfaction with their jobs. 

We’re in a slightly different situation now as teams that were used to being onsite are now suddenly on their own at home; and with schools closing, children are home, too. So, how can we keep everyone productive and driving revenue — especially when our economy needs us to do just that? 

Here are steps to take:

  1. Stress the importance of communication. Set expectations for your team and… listen. People are not only nervous about the changes affecting their teams but suddenly have to deal with a whole new way of managing their time. Take the time to listen to your reps and don’t forget to reach out to team members to include them in more collaborative approaches to problem-solving.
  2. Empower your team with the right tools and guidelines. Tools like Zoom, Slack, and GSuite are excellent collaboration tools to keep communication flowing and to recreate the sense of being in the office. But don’t forget to give guidelines and draw boundaries. Slack can be a huge distraction if not managed well. (Our own David Flink is VP of Product & Design here at People.ai put together his tips on Slack etiquette which you can read and share here: slatiquette.com).
  3. Bring your team together via video conferencing. It’s hard to not see teammates you’re used to spending your time with, so turn on the cameras and hold the same meetings and “coffee breaks” that you would at the office.
  4. Don’t just sit at your desk or table. Non-video calls are great times to walk, organize, or even dust your house. Movement helps keep your energy up.
  5. Prioritize the need to stay productive. Remind people that while they do not have control over the social distancing situation, they do have control in choosing to take positive action and stay productive to keep your pipeline and business moving forward. We’re all dependent on the decision to do this, and the economy will need us to keep working while it recovers from the impact of the virus.
  6. Don’t forget to have fun virtually. Does your team meet up for drinks after work? Hold virtual gatherings after work to relax and unwind. At People.ai, we’ve started a #PeopleaiAtHome Slack channel to feature fun updates and photos of our team’s work from home stations. Employees can become stressed in this situation, but we can choose to stay positive, have hope, and remember that this won’t last forever. 

Increase Visibility into Your Team’s WFH Activities

One of the concerns sales leaders have is the sudden lack of visibility into their team’s time, activities and effort. People.ai is designed to give you full visibility from wherever your team logs on. With visibility into your rep’s activities, you can effectively coach them on priorities. With a calm, positive approach, the right tools and good communication, you can ensure your sales team stays productive and connected during this uncertain time. 

Learn more about how People.ai can increase visibility into your team’s activities and help you deliver more predictable pipeline by scheduling a demo today.