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Account Scorecard Software for Salesforce

To ensure your key customers are happy and loyal, you need to monitor the health of your accounts. This is best done with a holistic account health scorecard that allows you to keep a close eye on their satisfaction and react immediately when issues arise.

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What Is Account Scorecard Software?

Simply put, account scorecard software helps you create and update an account health scorecard in real time. This scorecard quantifies customer success through metrics like sales performance, customer experience, and business value.

Account scorecard software makes it easier for organizations and sales reps to keep an eye on your scorecards, especially if you have multiple accounts running at the same time. The software should be able to track, compile, and process account data so your team spends less time doing paperwork and more time working with stakeholders and driving revenue.

Account Scorecard

An account scorecard works similarly to a balanced scorecard and activity scorecard. It’s a way for channel account managers and customer success teams to measure and track a customer’s satisfaction levels and enact customer satisfaction measures when an issue is identified. This ensures a smoother sales process, gives you the entire customer story, and helps sales pipeline growth.

While the scoring model and metrics differ with each company, an account scorecard should be able to:

  • Properly record your account’s objectives and targets
  • Act as a visual aid so partner users can get actionable insights and know what’s going on with the account in question
  • Track emerging issues with the customer so you can divert additional resources to them if needed
  • Consistently measure the account’s satisfaction and health levels

Account Qualification

Account qualification is the process of determining whether already existing customers are likely to turn into a key account. This is important because not all customers can become a key account. In addition, it also helps you identify what customer satisfaction measures you should employ for each customer.

Account Health

Account health is a way to tell whether an account is likely to buy or renew your product or service. However, it can also be a measure of how likely the customer is going to churn or leave your business.

Some good ways to measure an account health score include:

  • Ask the customer’s account executive for a report about the current company situation.
  • Track the activity in accounts — are they actively engaging with your product?
  • Evaluate your account’s work output — is your product helping them succeed?

Product Mapping

Product mapping lets you see how your company stacks up against the competition by comparing products. This creates an apples-to-apples comparison between your product and similar offerings from your rivals. Once you have a good feel of what both products offer, you can then brainstorm ideas on how to get an edge over the competition.

Account Planning

Account planning is a process where you create ways to improve loyalty and retention among your key accounts. Most account planning sessions result in:

  • An overview of the customer’s key details, including its financial performance and business revenues
  • A competitor analysis
  • A draft of key sales initiatives
  • A clear alignment with the account’s decision makers
  • A strategy to win, retain, and grow the key account

Account Management

Account management requires your account managers to support key accounts and retain loyal customers. A good account manager should also find opportunities to cross-sell and upsell other products to your key accounts.

Account Plan Templates makes it easy for you to create an account plan. Instead of building one from scratch, you can choose from our ready-made account plan and account scoring templates that can be modified according to your needs. This way, you can spend more time providing a seamless customer experience.

Account Scorecard Best Practices

Here are some essential tips on how to create effective account or partner scorecards based on industry best practices:

  • Give clear and concise titles on each scorecard.
  • Update the scorecard regularly.
  • Select the right indicators that accurately measure account health.

How To Select the Best Account Scorecard Software

With all the options on the market, it can be hard to select the best account scorecard software available. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping around:

  • Consider pricing compared to the app’s abilities and benefits.
  • Look into integrations with existing business software at your company.
  • Ask about specialized training to ensure maximum staff understanding and adoption.

Best Account Scorecard Software for Salesforce offers holistic and customizable account scorecards for your business. Our scorecards allow your team to:

  • Capture a summary of your account health for further analysis and learning.
  • Apply accurate account scoring and individual sections to tailor the scorecard to your needs.
  • Embed the scorecard right in Salesforce so your sales team is always aligned.

Key Takeaways

Account scorecards are an excellent way to measure how likely a key account is to buy more from your business. To make the process less time consuming, you need the best account scorecard software around. offers world-class account scorecard capabilities alongside the latest versions of robust, powerful revenue intelligence packages such as:

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Account Scorecard Software FAQs

What is account scoring?

Account scoring is a way to measure the health of an account. Using metrics like engagement and target fulfillment based on existing benchmarks, you can see whether an account is likely to buy more from you or withdraw their business.

Why should I use account scoring?

You should use accurate account scoring because it gives you a tangible, measurable look at how your accounts are doing.

Should you build your own account scoring solution?

You shouldn’t build your own account scoring solution because account scores differ for each business. Plus, it takes a lot of time and effort. We recommend taking an available account scoring template and reworking it to fit your needs instead of building one from scratch.

Is there a difference between lead scoring and account scoring?

There are some differences between lead scoring and account scoring. A lead or contact score measures the likelihood of a person becoming a customer, while an account score measures the likelihood of an organization becoming a customer.