ClosePlan / Miller Heiman Sales Methodology

Operationalize the Miller Heiman Sales Methodology across your Sales teams, natively in Salesforce, with ClosePlan.

ClosePlan can help you roll out Miller Heiman in Salesforce quickly across your sales organization.

We do this in three simple ways.

  • OPPORTUNITY QUALIFICATION – Opportunity qualification scorecards ensure qualification and alignment is occurring within the Miller Heiman methodology.
  • RELATIONSHIP ALIGNMENT – Relationship Maps visualize the key Decision Makers, Champions, Economic Buyers, Technical Buyers, Coaches and more.
  • OPPORTUNITY EXECUTION – Sales Playbooks operationalize and reinforce the Miller Heiman selling process.


Let us show you how we can quickly operationalize Miller Heiman in your Salesforce environment.
ClosePlan is an approved Salesforce AppExchange application designed for optimizing the Opportunity to Close sales process.

What Is The Miller Heiman Sales Methodology?

Miller Heiman is a proven enterprise B2B sales methodology. Miller Heiman Sales Methodology, Conceptual Selling®, was developed by Robert Miller and Stephen Heiman as a way to manage large enterprise B2B sales transaction. This methodology is optimized for large enterprise transactions with complex buying teams. Miller Heiman focuses on convincing the buyer team to buy into the concept of your solution, as opposed to products or features. Miller Heiman also focuses on establishing long-term relationships and addresses key phases of relationship building.

How Long Does It Take To Get Miller Heimanup In Running In Salesforce?

ClosePlan can be installed and configured to support and guide your Miller Heiman sales methodology in a day. After one online training session, your sales teams are ready to go. We can support both Classic and Lightning Salesforce environments, meaning your reps will never have to leave Salesforce to manage their Miller Heiman Blue Sheets.

Conceptual Selling® and Miller Heiman Sales Methodology are registered trademarks of the Miller Heiman Group. ClosePlan is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Miller Heiman Group.