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Unlock the potential of your marketing funnel with unprecedented visibility into the sales pipeline.

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Re-Energize Your Contact Database With SmartContacts™

  • Generate self-updating contacts powered by employee email and meeting data
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance with comprehensive history of contact engagement
  • Hang onto valuable contact data when reps move on

The Latest Status on Leads Passed to Sales

  • SmartMatch™ automatically updates leads in CRM with contacts and activities from mail systems
  • Pinpoint breakdowns across marketing and sales touch points
  • Spot leads and deals that can use additional marketing air-cover

Zero in on the True Decision Makers and Influencers

  • Surface the full set of players involved in purchase decisions
  • Map job titles to personas with People Pages

Increase Confidence in the Output of Current Attribution Models

  • Generate objective, time-stamped data to determine marketing vs. sales first touch
  • Automatically link marketing leads to sales generated opportunities