Top-Performing Companies Map Their Path to Revenue with
Account & Opportunity Maps in Salesforce

Map key relationships and create pipeline without ever leaving Salesforce

Unlike org charts that quickly go stale, relationship maps help you stay fully up-to-date on your buyer groups – with little to no maintenance required.

  • Easily drag and drop Salesforce contacts onto your map to visualize your prospects’ and customers’ internal structure
  • Indicate the role each stakeholder plays in the buying journey to track individual purchasing power
  • Navigate buying groups like a pro by noting healthy (or unhealthy) relationships among key influencers
  • Work collaboratively to chart your course to close within prospect and customer accounts
  • Seamlessly execute account plans, account reviews, QBRs, and 1:1 coaching sessions
Stakeholder Insights

Get a faster path to close by pinpointing and engaging the right buyers at the right time

Tighten deal execution with rich insights into your key stakeholders and plot next steps across the entire buyer group.

  • Assess the health of your buyer relationships by visualizing current and historical engagement levels
  • Keep deals on track by viewing past and upcoming activity – meetings, emails, calls, and more
  • Visualize your colleagues’ historical engagement levels and pinpoint next steps for including your supporting sales ecosystem
  • Analyze each stakeholder’s historical involvement in an opportunity to plot the next steps to close has been instrumental in helping us identify gaps. For instance, if reps aren’t in a multi-threaded deal with stakeholders, can flag that, which allows us to take action and have discussions like, ‘Who do we need to get multi-threaded with?'"

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Data Foundation’s Data Platform translates signals from activities and engaged contacts into pipeline and improved deal execution.

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