Revenue Operations

Enable an effective revenue operations function with data-driven insights to provide end-to-end revenue intelligence from marketing, to sales, to customer success

Did You Know?

Organizations that deployed revenue ops functions grew revenue faster and reported 15% higher profitability.



Turning Customer Facing Teams into a Data Driven Revenue Engine

Your Hub For Monitoring Customer Health and Communication

Get a real-time view of what’s happening with your prospect or customer across every team they engage with – marketing, sales, customer success, support, etc.

  • Understand who at your company is talking to the customer right now – what they are talking about and next steps
  • Information is synchronized with your CRM to ensure your teams always have the latest context of all customer conversation
  • Improve understanding about who else and what topics are being discussed with your customer


Account Level Snapshot for Sales Leaders

Know Everything About a Prospect Account

  • Sales leaders can easily see all activities that your teams are doing with a specific prospect account
  • Understand all business processes and deals associated with the prospect
  • Understand how much time your team and prospects are spending on engagements
  • Understand the engagement ratio – is the customer ignoring you or not


Built for the Data Driven Sales Leader

Analyze Deals at the Opportunity Level

Start using data instead of intuition to coach your sales team. With Opportunity360, sales leaders have access to insights such as stage, health, and time spent on a deal in order to quickly make decisions that help close more deals.

  • See all the activities and engagement with every stakeholder on an opportunity
  • Understand if your team is talking to the right contacts with the right seniority and decision-making power
  • Know if your prospect is committing enough time to your engagements to move deals forward
  • Be aware of the next steps and trends
  • Understand the effort and engagement used to close a deal, showing the true cost of acquiring the customer

Engagement Level

Informing Sales Reps and Leaders on Deal Health

Confidently Predict the Forecast Based on Engagement captures all activity on an opportunity, which is an indicator of deal health. A score is provided on each account and opportunity based on the level of engagement.

  • Sales leaders are able to benchmark activities on deals compared to deals that have been won
  • Sales leaders have visibility into how a reps deals are trending

Deal Room

Sales Leaders Can Understand Everything About a Deal

Be Confident That A Deal is Real provides visibility into all activities and people who have been engaged on an opportunity. Deal Room helps sales reps and leaders understand if a deal is truly an opportunity or if attention should be re-prioritized to other deals.

  • Rich deal inspection dashboard providing insights on number of activities, personas, and deal score 
  • Know which deals are more likely to close and those at risk


Guiding Marketers on Where to Invest Next

Measure, Track, and Monitor Campaign Follow-up’s Campaign360 equips marketers with the real-time, full funnel visibility of campaign follow-up and effectiveness, with no data entry required from the sales team.

  • Measure campaign performance through the entire funnel
  • A single source of truth for sales and marketing follow-up to take action
  • Know if your campaigns are successful or not and if your sales team followed up


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