3 Ways to Ramp Reps Quickly Using AI

It can take more than a year for a new salesperson to ramp. But sales leaders don’t have a year to wait for a new sales hire to become productive. That’s where using sales activity data insights come in. By understanding what makes your most productive reps successful, and designing an enablement program that puts those skills and processes in action, you can significantly reduce your ramp time. Listen in on this webinar archive, where we talked with Michael Raab, Head of SMB at Lyft and Nate Gemberling, Director of Sales at Infer and learn how to use technology to:
  • Quantify ramp time
  • Maximize a rep’s first week on the job
  • Use data to develop the right ramp plan for your reps
Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how these sales leaders have used AI insights to improve their onboarding and ramping process to ensure their reps are successful starting from day one.
3 Ways to Ramp Reps Quickly Using AI