Close more deals: use the power of AI to unlock your customer data

Artificial intelligence (AI) is real, and smart companies are leveraging it to both drive revenue, and better understand their customers. With the power of AI, companies are capturing and processing more data than ever before. With the right tools and processes, they can produce profound insights to automatically identify and reveal prospect engagement, identify buying groups and highlight intent and sentiment. With these new tools at their disposal, sales and marketing professionals can equip themselves with a 360-view of their customers and have a deep understanding of their buyer and their activities. In this webinar recording, SiriusDecisions' Senior Research Director and Demand Creation expert, Kerry Cunningham reveals how companies are unlocking hidden insights in their customer data and using AI to decrypt that data and better understand their customers from prospect to close. What you'll learn:
  • How successful companies are defining using AI to automate processes to provide a more trusted data collection
  • How sales leaders and marketers are leveraging AI to unlock insights hidden in mountains of customer data
  • How to build a 360-view of your customers and use it to close deals and fight off customer churn
Close more deals: use the power of AI to unlock your customer data