helps your sales team be more effective. On average, reps spend 30% of their time on administrative tasks like data entry. And still, up to 60% of their activities (roughly 100 contacts per rep per month) never make it into the CRM. provides a complete picture of all sales activity, allowing sales managers to more effectively manage their teams while automating the manual task of data entry into the CRM.

The SiriusDecisions Sales Productivity Quotient Model (included in this brief) defines sales priorities in terms of productivity categories (activity, pipeline, enablement, performance, and demand) and indicators that correlate directly with revenue growth. This brief can set a baseline for your sales team, and coupled with the platform, you have everything you need to create a highly effective sales organization.


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About is a state-of-the-art sales and marketing platform which leverages the power of artificial intelligence to link people, activities, and engagement across the buying journey. Automatically capturing all sales, marketing & customer success activity, the platform drives actionable revenue insights for both sales and marketing leaders.

Fortune 1000 companies choose to automate contact creation, identify decision-making units, model buyer behavior, increase forecast accuracy, improve marketing effectiveness, and simply close deals faster.