In 2019 sales operations will continue to broaden its strategic emphasis on increasing sales productivity, reducing administrative overhead, and executing sales strategy.

Artificial intelligence will play a critical role in the way organizations do business. From reducing the cognitive workload on sales operations to making it possible to share actionable insights across all levels of the sales organization.

In this brief, SiriusDecisions describes seven planning assumptions that sales operations leaders should incorporate into their planning for 2019 as they seek ways to exploit the AI revolution and other current trends.

In this SiriusDecisions Research Brief you’ll learn:

  • The role of AI in improving sales coaching, forecast accuracy, and activity capture
  • How to align operational efforts with other departments including marketing, product, and finance
  • How to leverage activity data to identify process improvements that can drive greater sales productivity
  • Ways to improve data quality while reducing the sales force automation system admin burden

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