The 3 Myths of Marketing and Sales Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is a common struggle in growing organizations. Marketing generates leads (MQLs) and gives them to the sales team. Sales takes those leads, starts to work them, and then something magical happens…or doesn’t. And then the finger-pointing ensues. The marketing and sales disconnect can seem like an inevitable, never-ending business challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Listen in on this webinar archive, where we talked with Full Circle Insights’ VP of Marketing Christine Chartier and discovered her strategies for how to overcome three common myths of sales and marketing alignment:
  • Measuring marketing performance in Salesforce is too difficult, so we should just stick to marketing automation reporting
  • Full visibility into sales activity isn’t possible
  • There isn’t an efficient way for Marketing to have visibility into what happens to leads once they are passed to sales
The 3 Myths of Marketing and Sales Alignment