With one source of truth, all teams have what they need to make better decisions based on real data. for Sales Teams

Finally, a single place to track and optimize all sales activity

On average, reps spend 30% of their time on administrative tasks like data entry. And still, up to 60% of their activities (roughly 100 contacts per rep per month) never make it into the CRM. provides a complete picture of all sales activity, allowing sales managers to more effectively manage their teams while automating the manual task of data entry into the CRM.

From hiring and ramping, to ongoing measurement and coaching, our ai for sales gives sales managers what they need to grow and optimize their team. for Sales Teams
  • Sales Leaders

    Make decisions based on real-time, RELIABLE, and COMPREHENSIVE SALES ACTIVITY data, rather than intuition

  • Sales People

    Gain one day back per week for selling, not data entry

  • Sales Operations

    Assess the quality of your CRM data, and drive CRM adoption

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Never again wonder whether sales is following up on your leads

How effective are your marketing programs if only a fraction of the contacts that sales engages with make their way into the CRM? How do you properly measure attribution if sales isn’t attaching contacts to opportunities?

With AI for sales, get more ROI out of your marketing programs by capturing every sales activity – without relying on sales to input data or adopt a new tool. Marketing teams gain full visibility into how leads move through the funnel after being passed to sales, allowing them to attribute sales activity to the right leads, contacts, campaigns, and opportunities – and finally see what’s really moving the needle. for Marketing Teams
  • Marketing Leaders

    The insurance policy for your marketing programs, get the data you need to understand the ROI on your marketing programs

  • Demand Gen Teams

    Automatically add contacts to the CRM, and understand exactly what happens to leads once they are passed to sales

  • Marketing Operations

    Get a consistent dataset to be used across all go-to-market functions, increasing overall alignment across the organization

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