better outcomes for REvOps Teams

What Rev Ops Teams Can Expect with

Align All Your Data Across GTM Teams

Break down data silos and achieve a true 360-degree view to improve customer experience

Increase Conversion and Reduce Churn

Keep customers happy by streamlining the customer lifecycle across your organization

Get Visibility Across Every Interaction

Capture and match every rep’s activity to the right account or opportunity in your CRM

Forecast with Greater Accuracy

Prioritize focus with engagement data to helps reps zero in on the deals with the highest ROI.

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How Helps Rev Ops Transform the Revenue Engine

Bridge the data gap so your revenue operations team can make accurate forecasts and optimize your sales strategies to close more deals.

Capture GTM Engagement Data Regardless of Where it Resides

  • Auto-populate your CRM with data from all GTM activity data
  • Light up tech stack with all customer-facing team’s data
  • Give all GTM teams a single source of truth with reliable and accurate data
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Why Pipeline Cures All When It Comes to Forecast Accuracy

Drive Alignment Across All GTM Teams with Access to Data in Their System of Choice

  • Increase adoption of your sales process across the org with a win-win solution
  • Deliver insights and make data accessible where GTM teams already work
  • Realize the ROI of your entire tech stack without requiring reps to adopt all tools at once
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Reduce Tech Burden on Your Organization

  • Increase adoption and relieve the burden placed on reps to learn new tools
  • Enable easier access to data with Salesforce or Oracle native experiences for both reps and managers
  • Push data into any CRM or BI tool with our REST API
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Our Customers Unlock Incredible Results

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“We saw immediate ROI using, seeing a 10 to 20x increase in contact creation in our CRM every month...As a result, we are significantly accelerating our pipeline growth and converting between 40 to 80 leads to contact creation every month.’’
Kaushik Patel | VP, Online Marketing & Marketing 
Operations, ThoughtSpot
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Less Clicks, More Closing


Turn hours spent digging in Salesforce into minutes. PeopleGlass is the easiest way to update pipeline, next steps, and notes all from a single view so sales teams can focus on closing business, not managing screens.

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