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Alicia Tillman

Global CMO of SAP, on the Power of Storytelling
Alicia Tillman has a well-earned reputation as a marketing leader who can convey a company’s purpose through stories that attract, engage, and sell. Calling upon her keen insight into how the world’s leading brands achieve their top-tier status, she has grown SAP’s brand value by well over $10 billion in her three years as Global CMO. Listen to the podcast for Alicia’s words of wisdom on how to inspire a global organization, the power of storytelling, and what it takes to activate a vision.
sales Legend

Jim Steele

President, Global Strategic Customers at Salesforce
Jim Steele, President, Global Strategic Customers at Salesforce, has left an indelible mark on the world of his sales. In his 42-year career, he achieved iconic status as a driving force behind IBM and Salesforce closing pivotal deals and generating billions in revenue. Listen to the podcast to hear Jim share invaluable lessons, wisdom, and fascinating stories from his legendary career – including his first job as a paperboy.

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