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Christian Smith

Chief Revenue Officer at Splunk
Currently Chief Revenue Officer at Splunk, Christian Smith’s vast experience in the tech world includes founding executive at Daptiv, overseeing the successful acquisition of ATG by Oracle, and serving as CRO for Nintex. Listen to the podcast for Christian’s insights and hard-earned lessons on cloud and hybrid go-to-market strategy, SaaS sales and marketing, scaling sales organizations, and acquisition integration.
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Yamini Rangan

Chief Customer Officer at Hubspot
Learn how Yamini Rangan broke through barriers to graduate top of her engineering program, and played pivotal roles at Workday, SAP, and Dropbox. Discover how HubSpot’s first-ever Chief Customer Officer and self-described, first-generation American and woman in STEM scales customer-facing organizations and grows revenue.
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Jason Andrew

Chief Revenue Officer at BMC
In his 24 years at BMC Software, Jason Andrew worked his way up from principal consultant to Chief Revenue Officer. Along the way, he drove 100X growth of a business line, headed customer experience and marketing, and led worldwide sales. Tune into the podcast to hear how Jason’s New Zealand childhood shaped him, how he establishes an effective operating rhythm, and how he builds a culture that people don’t want to leave.
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Bart Fanelli

CRO at OutSystems
Bart Fanelli, CRO of OutSystems, has made a name for himself driving predictable sales performance through strong process and best practices. While at Splunk, he built the backbone of the sales execution engine and accelerated revenue from $60 million to over $1.5 billion. Tune into the podcast to learn why Bart is a stickler for operational cadence and how he provides sales reps with a predetermined path to success.
sales Legend

Erica Schultz

President, Field Operations at Confluent
Erica Schultz is the B2B sales powerhouse who devised Oracle’s cloud go-to-market strategy and scaled New Relic’s enterprise business more than 10x, paving the way for a highly successful IPO. Tune into the podcast to hear Erica — now President of Field Operations for Confluent – speak to her finely tuned sales playbook, and what it takes to develop global sales teams and make the leap from sales leadership to the C-suite.

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