In the world of big data – more is better. But what happens when your “more” goes into a black hole?

For that reason, more and more companies are driving their sales reps to log their activities into the CRM. And that means all emails, phone calls and meetings. Having a clear understanding of activities means being able to truly understand the ins and outs of your sales process.

But – logging activities takes time. In fact, up to 30% of a sales rep’s time is spent logging activities. It’s no wonder activities don’t get logged!

And while there are tools to automate activity logging – that only works if the contact record exists in the CRM! Is your head spinning yet?

Last month, we rolled out CRM Contact Sync to our customers. And what we found was shocking. We found that 50% of contacts sales reps were working with, did not exist in their CRM.

With the addition of this new product, we were able to automatically add those contacts and their related activities, into our clients CRM systems. No more head spinning, no more guesswork. integrates with email and phone systems (like GSuite, Office365, Bellgram, etc.) and logs your sales reps’ activities into your CRM. As part of this, we make sure the contacts your sales reps are talking to, actually exist in the CRM. Because we all know “If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist!” If the contact does not exist in your CRM, can automatically create a new contact and associate it to the correct account, saving your reps valuable time and saving you headaches.

The best part? Everyone is happy:

  • Sales reps are getting between 10-15% of their time back. They no longer need to manually log their activities in Salesforce or create new contacts in their accounts and opportunities
  • Sales managers can now see the multi-threaded conversations and the key players needed to win a deal
  • Sales operations can run accurate database analysis and understand activity trends
  • Marketing loves the additional contacts to add to their campaigns
  • Customer success can easily on-board new customers because the contacts already exist in the CRM

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