Do you ever feel as if getting B2B deals to close seems like a hit-and-miss process? Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Is it just luck? Or is there something you’re missing?

We’re here to tell you that science has a secret for you.

And once you start putting this secret to work, you’ll see a significant increase in the number of B2B deals you close.

What’s the secret?

A multi-threaded sales approach.

Okay, so yeah, that doesn’t sound glamorous, but hear us out. We studied more than 50M customer sales activities across industries in the U.S. B2B enterprise market. We wanted to find what kept deal momentum going. What were the factors that closed deals had in common?

A high-touch, multi-threaded approach. By making sure you have the right people in the buying unit involved in the deal process — and you keep them involved — you can up your closed/wins and beat out your competition.

The data revealed that there is a direct positive correlation between a multithreaded approach and the close ratio. And it’s amplified by deal size. The larger the deal, the higher the correlation.

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Are You Leveraging AI to Coach Your Sales Representatives?

Are the deals your sales reps working single threaded with a high likelihood to fail?

Are they engaged with the right people at each stage of the sales cycle?

Are you asking them, or are you monitoring?

With, sales leaders are able to increase organizational productivity, set competitive team goals and benchmarks, and reduce operating expenses across the entire revenue team. Sales leaders get an opportunity-level visualization where they can easily determine if reps are engaging the appropriate stakeholders during each stage of the sales cycle. This helps to mitigate the risk of a deal slipping through the cracks and improve overall sales reporting.

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