When you go to the hospital (and hopefully it doesn’t happen too often…), you’ve certainly seen that they meticulously record everything that happens in your electronic medical records (EMRs). It’s critical for your doctor to record all her actions, recommendations, and prescriptions in that EMR. Why? Because when another doctor comes in to work with you, they’ll needs to know everything that’s occurred and have a detailed history, rather than starting all over again (or worse).

EMRs help doctors efficiently collaborate, give patients higher chances of improved health, and reduce the risk of mishaps that occur due to your doctor being unavailable.

Medical professionals have figured out that accurate activity data about their patients is vitally important. While not life or death, activity data is also crucial to sales teams, and the key to helping sales leaders see the entire history of a relationship with a customer.

Every time your salespeople don’t log their activity, you are losing visibility into the sales process—who did they meet with and when? How much time are they spending in person with their champions? Are they multi-threaded on your key deals? Often, your salesperson is like a doctor who doesn’t use an EMR system and relies fully on his memory (scary). But he also has hundreds of patients and a memory that doesn’t work perfectly.

From time to time your salesperson will forget to give the right “prescription” or forget about a customer’s “harmful allergy.” That’s how you lose deals—by not having systematic data about the prospect’s interactions and the previous sales activities that will help the deal to progress smoothly.

Why Your Salespeople Aren’t Logging Sales Activities

If sales activity data is the holy grail of your sales and marketing efforts, why aren’t your salespeople logging those activities?

Let’s look at it from the salesperson’s point of view. Have you tried logging a sales activity into your CRM yourself lately?

It’s hard.

It’s annoying.

It takes too much time. On average, it takes several minutes just to create a single record, such as an activity or a new opportunity.

That’s why automating sales activity logging is a game changer. However, it’s often easier said than done. Many sales activity logging tools still require manual input from the salesperson and aren’t easy to use on mobile, which is a necessity for salespeople on the go.

Today, many sales activity capturing solutions aren’t as intelligent as we’d like them to be. For instance, how does the system handle activity mapping when there are multiple open opportunities, or accounts with the same domain name? These tools won’t provide the level of automation and intelligence that willtruly increase productivity.

AI-Powered Sales Activity Capture That Works

Leading companies need an AI-powered solution that understands the intricacies of the sales world you live in. They need an intelligent platform that can understand:

  • How to associate the right activity to the right Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity
  • Parent-child relationships between accounts
  • When a meeting is happening in person or over the phone
  • When a meeting gets canceled or rescheduled
  • When a champion is involved in a deal
  • When a contact or lead changes jobs or titles
  • How to parse through the same contact involved in multiple opportunities or accounts

People.ai was built with all of this in mind. But don’t take my word for it—get a demo and see for yourself how we take the administrative drudgery out our your sales team’s day and give you the data you need to make more informed business decisions.