Barring some major scientific discovery which will keep my bone density up and trigger my organs to regenerate, it’s pretty safe to say that at some point in the next 80 years or so, I’ll take my last nap and I’ll let all of you figure things out for yourself for a bit (at least until I respawn as a cat in some cosmic joke of epic cruelty; more on that some other time).

I realize this is a somewhat unusual way to start a blog post, a post describing my decision to join’s journey. Bear with me.

In recent years, I’ve developed a drive, a laser focus, to change the world. When I do doze off for the final time, I want to be able to look back and see that I left the world a better place than I found it, that I made a difference.

In my private life, I’ve found purpose through my children and my 501(c)(3), which aims to tackle childhood hunger and obesity. When I decided to leave my previous job in December, I set out to align my professional life with my personal goals.

On Friday afternoon, I said my goodbyes. On Sunday night, Oleg (’s Founder and CEO) and I met for dinner. A day later, after meeting the team here at, I decided to fast-forward my planned multi-month break and jump on board. I saw what the team were seeing: the immediate potential in the company’s direction, and the boundless opportunity beyond it. I saw how I could help the company get there, and our chance to change the world together.

People have the unique ability to apply creativity to any process in order to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. Think about your professional life. It is filled with creative processes big and small: the way you pick up your phone, interact with your customers and co-workers, author your emails, draw your signature.

At, we believe your creativity enriches the world around you in countless ways. We believe that the more time you spend applying your creativity, your resourcefulness, to activities that matter most in your professional life, the more effective a professional you become. We believe that if we allow humans to be uniquely human, empower them to work unburdened from work, and provide them with data-driven guidance and actionable insights along the way, we enable them to soar.

This is where we start.

Today, my team and I apply the power of Artificial Intelligence to boost your customer outreach activities, and, by extension, your bottom line. Tomorrow, we transform the way you do work. The day after, we build upon our deep understanding of the professional world to… well… watch this space.

As’s Senior Director of Product Management, I’d be remiss not to mention we’re hiring. If you’re ready to change the world, dream big, and wash your own coffee cup (we’re that type of company), I’d love to hear from you.

David Flink is’s Senior Director of Product Management. Prior to joining, David was Director of Product Management for Search and Identity at LinkedIn, and spent 12 years in various roles at Microsoft working predominantly on the Bing search engine. He’s a self-described two-time college drop-out. So please, use small words.