When I joined, I couldn’t get over the incredible team Oleg had built in such a short amount of time.

As a newcomer, who is charged with building out the engineering function, I immediately started to think about what makes different from all the other startups an engineer—or any other employee—could join.

Not surprisingly, it’s the culture. But what does that really mean?

Working with the entire team, we distilled’s culture into eight values that define it. They are:

  • We take care of our people—we hire great people and challenge them to do great things.
  • The customer is everything—we work hard to earn and keep our customer’s trust.
  • End to end ownership—every project has a single owner.
  • Every problem has a solution—we believe there are no unsolvable problems.
  • “Very good” today is better than “perfect” tomorrow—we believe in iterating quickly, getting feedback, and improving.
  • Disagree and commit—we may not always agree, but once a decision is made we support it.
  • Radical transparency—we give each other feedback and share insight into the state of the business in real time.
  • We are data-driven—We believe that a data-informed answer is significantly better than an opinion.

But rather than just briefly share our values with you, as I’ve done here, I’m going to go deeper into each one in a series of posts here on the blog.

That way, if you’re considering joining, you’ll have a good idea of what makes us tick.

After all, we value radical transparency—starting with our values.