Did you roll your eyes a little bit when you read this headline? Was it because you had a manager who told you not to come to him with problems, only with solutions?

I get that. But eye-rolling aside, it’s actually based on something smart. At People.ai one of our core values is “every problem has a solution.” And we task everyone on our team with taking that to heart.

Yes, there are all sorts of big hairy challenges or problems that crop up every day. But as a team, we believe there are no unsolvable problems. It just takes time and teamwork to come to a resolution.

Our problem-solving methodology is pretty simple. We think first about our customers and how the problem—and potential solutions—may impact them. If it’s a solution that works for the person with the problem, but puts a burden on the customer, we keep working to find the right solution.

And none of this problem solving happens alone. When a team member has a tough problem, we work together to find the best solution. We pull out the whiteboard to brainstorm and openly welcome and talk through all ideas, no matter how crazy or unattainable they may sound.

We’ve built a culture where everyone is encouraged to ask for help when they get stuck. No matter how busy people are, we always find the time to help each other, even if they’re in a different department or office.

If you’re looking for a collaborative work environment on the cutting edge of AI, check out our job listings. We’d love to talk with you.