As AI begins to deliver on its promises, sales and marketing teams are discovering that not only can AI reduce the amount of human effort required in daily work; it can provide the intelligence needed to focus on the highest value tasks. Thus, shaping a far more productive and impactful workday backed by data where everyone is focused on the most important tasks that drive revenue. 

At, we believe that AI has the power to change the way companies generate revenue by capturing intelligence that alleviates manual CRM data entry, keeps data updated and accurate, and enables sales and marketing to work from the same page. In addition, AI has the ability to deliver intelligence on deals that enables sales to take the best next actions, every day. 

As a leader in AI technology, we were curious: How are large businesses embracing AI technology today? And, what do they expect of it in the near future? 

In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Survey, more than 320 participants were asked about their current views toward AI and to look out over the next three years to predict how AI will shape their businesses. Companies that are already harnessing the benefits of AI were also included to provide their perspective. 

Key findings revealed that large companies expect AI to: 

  • 51% of large companies expect AI to automate manual processes over the next three years
  • 82% of large companies believe AI has the potential to significantly improve alignment between sales and marketing by introducing accountability 
  • 43% of large companies believe that data-driven coaching is the single biggest benefit that AI will bring

As salespeople become more productive at their jobs and happier overall because of AI, customers will become delighted, too. Some 85% of large companies surveyed expect AI will create better customer experiences. More than half of large companies anticipate using AI to identify growing signs of customer dissatisfaction. Some 47% say the technology will provide higher personalization of customer messages. 

We’re excited about how AI is shaping business today and for what comes next. We invite you to read the full survey for more detailed insights, as well as to learn how companies like Gainsight are already using AI to work more intelligently and drive revenue. 

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