is an eclectic team. Our “people” come from all across the globe, and each member brings their own wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective area of expertise. We are all different, yet united in our desires to both build and lead… each being key traits we look for in prospective additions to the family. However, we all have our own unique reason that’s platform and/or mission resonated with us.

This time last year, I had never heard of Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) were bubbling up as buzzwords in the networking infrastructure world I had called home since 2014; but that was the extent of my professional knowledge of the space. That was until another start-up I joined as an employee required a reorg to stay viable, and I found myself needing to figure out the next step in my career path.

Enter… a “Revenue Intelligence System” that leverages “intelligent matching strategies” to create “reliable and actionable data for customer-facing teams.” As a reformed journalism major that had dabbled in sales, but really focused more on Ops Management and running Client Services teams in recent years, there was a lot there for me to unpack.

Thankfully, I had a really hands-on recruiter who walked me through the product at a high-level on our initial call, and she distilled down one of’s key value deliverables: automates the process of capturing business data consistently and uniformly across customer-facing teams.

That stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to clarify that I was hearing her correctly… does really automate the process of logging emails, calls, and meetings so GTM teams don’t have to mess with manual data entry in SFDC?

In fact, it does.

That really resonated with me. It was the silver bullet to the old adage, “If it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen.”

That’s what got me excited about The opportunity to be part of a company that is on the frontline of really harnessing AI to make an impact today — not just in the future. I understand the value of relieving Reps of one of their most hated, time-sucking activities. I’ve experienced the problems manual data entry poses first hand.

I was hooked. I joined the team about a month later.

I kept learning more — like how in addition to giving Reps time back, creates a consistent, comprehensive methodology for data capture, which makes it more actionable and reliable. I learned how our data could be used to map out buying personas, to drive accounts-based marketing strategy and guide sales teams towards favorable buying committees. I learned that the data we capture, when captured consistently, could indicate the difference between a successfully ramping Rep, and one that is at risk for early attrition.

Simply put, I was intrigued by the types of questions we can help our customers answer when we combine our ability to consistently and reliably capture business activity. Big questions. Challenging questions. Questions that when answered, go beyond improvement and optimization, and cut straight to the heart of true business transformation.

That’s what I love about

I could easily talk more about all the other great aspects of such as culture, camaraderie, desire to innovate — all equally important traits I’d be remiss not to highlight.

But in the end, what is most exciting to me about is the way we’re changing the future.

We’re debuting new features virtually every month, and the use cases we’re solving for our customers are adding up with each passing week. The big problems we solve today are going to be small potatoes tomorrow. In time, they will be replaced by new, bigger, more complex questions that will have to be tackled.

In time, we’ll answer those questions, too. The data is all there. It just needs to be captured, analyzed, and turned into something meaningful. Which is exactly the promise delivers on, each and every day.

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