Sierra-Summers is excited to welcome Sierra Summers to our team. Sierra joins us as Director of Marketing in our San Francisco office.

Most recently, Sierra was responsible for Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at Gigya. She’s spent the last 10 years working under some of the best marketing leaders at companies like SAP SuccessFactors and ANNUITAS.

Sierra is an advocate for marketing and sales technology. She is Marketo Certified and was recently listed on #FlipMyFunnels’s Changing the Face of MarTech: The First Ever List of Female Marketing Technologists.

With a background in sales and marketing operations, Sierra has seen first hand, the need for Having worked with sales teams of all shapes and sizes, Sierra saw a common problem, “no one could pinpoint why one sales team outperformed the others.”

After seeing a demo of, Sierra was hungry for more. She believes is the tool every sales leader needs in their pocket. “I remember telling sales reps (and their managers) – if it isn’t in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist. Reps don’t want to spend their time logging activity in the CRM but sales operations needs accurate, timely data. makes everyone happy,” said Sierra.

“I’ve sat through my fair share of sales meetings, and every week, at every company, we would have the same conversation – what makes one rep different from the rest? So when I discovered there was a platform that could answer the hard questions, I knew I wanted to join.”

Please join us in welcoming Sierra to the family.

If you’re interested in joining Sierra, we are actively hiring, check out our careers page!

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