Innovation can come in many shapes and forms and from many different views and perspectives. At, we encourage discussion and active dialogue, which is why one of our values is “disagree and commit”.

We hire the best people, but the best people are not always right and don’t always just say ‘yes’! They bring their experiences, knowledge, and past success and failures with them.

With this in mind, from time to time, there are differing opinions and we may reach a fork in the road. We recognize there are multiple ways to approach and tackle a problem and we encourage the discourse, but the ultimate goal is to find a path of resolution.

We expect each other to argue passionately, yet respectfully. Once a decision is made, there’s no disagreeing behind closed doors and second-guessing. We align and commit to the next steps even if we don’t all fully agree with the decision.

Indecisiveness can be a killer, costing teams valuable time and energy. No one likes going around in circles. Here at, we encourage brainstorming and open discussions, but we drive to an outcome or decision.

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