Saving salespeople time is kind of our “thing.”  In fact, it’s a big part of why we developed our technology in the first place.

If you follow our blog, you already know we love to share the latest sales rep tips for timesaving. We’ve shared SO many that… there are a lot to keep track of. That’s why we thought now was the perfect opportunity to run back through some of our favorites from the year.

As a bonus, we’re also thinking through how you can make these tips work especially well for you by committing to them hardcore in 2022. We’re not going to call these New Year’s Resolutions, because nobody sticks to those. Just think of them as… New Year’s suggestions! So, here are some of our top tips for ways you can save time for your salespeople in 2022:


MEDDICC is the most widely-used qualification methodology in enterprise sales for good reason. MEDDIC was designed specifically to help enterprise sales orgs find the right deals and focus on the right things they need to close faster

Putting your sales process through the MEDDICC methodology is like giving it a physical: it’ll tell you what you’re doing right, show you what you’re not doing right, and help create a plan to improve. If you can make MEDDICC happen in 2022, you’ll optimize your efficiency, benefit from better visibility and planning, and blow past your competition.

We’re BIG fans of MEDDICC. Earlier this year, we co-created and hosted a webinar on “How to Operationalize MEDDICC” that you can watch right now. And, we put together a guide on our best tips for implementing (and sticking with!) MEDDICC in your company.

Calculate (and Accelerate) Your Sales Velocity

Sales velocity is a measurement of your sales revenue per day. Calculating your sales velocity will tell you exactly how much money your sales team makes in an average day, which is one of the most valuable and revealing bits of data wisdom any sales team can arm themselves with.

What makes sales velocity so valuable? Well, if you get a really good handle on it, it can help you forecast more accurately, segment your sales pipeline, and understand where your opportunities are. Figuring out your sales velocity is surprisingly easy, too; in fact, we’ve got it down to a science. Here’s a quick refresher on our guide to calculating (and boosting) sales velocity from earlier this year:

The calculation for sales velocity is: the people or accounts that have gone through your qualification process, multiplied by your average deal size, multiplied by your win rate, then divided by how long it takes to get through your sales cycle. 

So: how will calculating your sales velocity help you save time in 2022? Goal setting. Figuring out how you should increase your sales velocity can inform your entire sales strategy and help you set informed goals in 2022. You just have to do a little math first. 

Stop Chasing Bad Leads and Bad Data

Did you know that, in most organizations, 50 percent of sales energy is wasted on leads that never go anywhere? Why? Customer intent data you can’t count on. CSI Insights found that salespeople waste up to 27% of their time chasing after bad leads from bad data.

Something’s gotta give. You’ve got to find better data and/or spend less time organizing and cleaning up your bad data. Preferably “and.” Well, we have two solutions: 6Sense is a tool that digs into customer intent, and identifies which leads are worth pursuing. And for cleaning up your data entry… well, that’s what tech is all about

It sounds simple because it is: making your sales targeting more efficient is one of the best ways you can save time and increase sales velocity. And hey, what better time is there to implement new tools than at the start of a new year?

Spend 1/10th the Time on Data Entry

Only 34% of an average sales pro’s day is spent selling. The other 66% is spent on emails, prospecting,  and the dreaded data entry. Imagine the possibilities you’d unlock if your sales team could spend a tenth of the time on data entry.

PeopleGlass is designed to give you back the time Salesforce steals. It has something for everyone:

  • Account executives: see all of your data in one sheet. Create new records with a single click. Save private columns for tracking opp updates.
  • Business and Dev Reps: use command line access to create leads from your own data or import from LinkedIn. Share leads with your entire team instantly.

The new year is the perfect time to kiss outdated data entry methods goodbye, and embrace the future with PeopleGlass. Your team will win back hours of their day, which will open the door to improvement in business efficiency, organization, and closed deals.

Don’t make these your New Year’s Resolution; make them your gameplan. Start putting together a strategy for implementing time-saving tips now, and you’ll benefit in 2022 and beyond.

Here at, we’re happy to play the part of coach or “accountabili-buddy.” We’d love to hear about the trials and tribulations of your quest to save time in 2022 and, as always, how we can help.

A new year is the perfect time to commit to new processes, ideas, and innovations. Let’s get started together.