According to Hubspot, only 34 percent of an average sales professional’s day is spent selling. The rest of the day is a mix of writing emails, prospecting leads, performing research, and – ugh – data entry. Worst of all, much of that data entry time isn’t even spent entering data – it’s spent clicking, waiting, clicking and you guessed it: waiting some more. 

Data capture and organization is an essential part of a well-oiled sales machine, but that doesn’t mean we like doing it. We know the frustration that comes from losing momentum out of a great call or a new deal by having to sink into endless slow-loading tabs and drop-down menus when what you really want to be doing is taking that energy and moving onto the next prospect. 

That data entry slog impacts the entire flow of your day, and we all wished for a way to cut through the clutter and get back to what matters.

Enter PeopleGlass.

PeopleGlass is the best single-screen, spreadsheet-like interface for Salesforce on the market. Full stop. No one else comes close.

Instead of wading through a sea of open tabs and waiting for new screens to populate for every individual record update you make, PeopleGlass enables you to create custom sheets for your unique Salesforce needs that puts all your entries in one place.

Solutions for every sales pro

Account execs – you’re supposed to be selling, not fussing around with a clunky Salesforce interface across ten separate tabs, with dozens of clicks and endless drop-down menus to keep track of one client’s worth of data. 

Business and sales development reps – wouldn’t you love it if you could create a new contact in Salesforce directly from a LinkedIn profile? Or if lead management wasn’t a multi-step process that’s a headache to share across your team? 

It can take hours of manual data entry to keep Salesforce up to date, and that’s time that we think you could spend more effectively. With PeopleGlass, AEs, BDRs and SDRs can get in and out of data entry in one-tenth the time and then get back to selling. 

Create a custom sheet to match your individual workflow and then take advantage of the power PeopleGlass puts at your fingertips. 

Account execs, see all of your data in one sheet, instantly synced to Salesforce. Create new records with one click or one keyboard shortcut and set up advanced filters to save time on every task. You can even create and save your own private columns for next step fields or tracking opportunity updates so you can do away with endless workarounds.

BDRs and SDRs, use command line access to instantly create leads from your own data or import instantly from LinkedIn, then score leads, plan territory and share it with your entire team using PeopleGlass’ collaborative tools. 

Your time is priceless

Gates don’t belong around getting things done. PeopleGlass’ free plan includes unlimited users and unlimited record updates – unlike others that cap you at five users or 25 record updates per week. In reality, sales teams have more than a small handful of people, and sales reps do 25 Salesforce updates before 10 AM on Monday morning.

Leave yesterday’s normal – and last decade’s tools – in the dust where they belong. Take your time back from the mountain of tasks that PeopleGlass can accelerate for you today. Stop spending almost 20 percent of your day, every day, on data entry. 

Get PeopleGlass now and build this essential new tool into your workflow. Give it a try – no risk, no obligation – and we promise you’ll never go back: click here.