When you hear the term “AI” what springs to mind? Robots? Big fancy TV commercials with popular rappers? Scary dystopian views of the end of the human race?

We’re here to show you what AI really means today and just how you can use it to have a better day at work.

Everyone wants to be more productive and AI is here to do just that. Today, we announced The Wire, a real-time feed of next best actions to provide sales, marketing, and customer success teams with AI-driven intelligence, task prioritization, and one-click execution.

Basically, The Wire is an intelligently ranked list of personalized, actionable insights, that gives you a real-time “to do list”, that’s easy-to-consume and provides the best next steps for your customer-facing teams (sales, marketing, customer success and others). The Wire represents a deep understanding of your professional world and how your prospects, customers, and internal teams are engaging to drive revenue.

A familiar view of success

The Wire is presented in the feed pattern that you are already deeply familiar with from social channels. Every insight is presented on a ‘card’, which allows engagement and action directly and with just a couple clicks.

The Wire serves these insights to you based on your role.

  • For sales team members, this could be making sure open opportunities with no recent actions are not left untouched, or making sure the right people are engaged in the process.
  • For sales managers, it shows where deals are in the selling process and what your team members’ activities should be that day.

Like any social feed, your Wire is tailored to you. It learns from your behavior, your role, and your objectives. So, every Wire will be tailored differently from everyone else’s. That is where the power of AI creates a significant advantage. The Wire’s intelligent notification platform will figure out when and how best to engage you; it’s all optimized to make you the very best version of yourself at work, every day.

Not your average tool

Tool fatigue is real and if there is one thing AI should be able to do, it’s understand who you are and where you are working. You don’t have to live in the app to reap its benefits. The Wire detects where you are working. Notifications are sent across channels and devices, including browser notifications, email, and Slack, to ensure you’re up to speed on what matters most to you.

What’s under the hood?

The Wire is built on top of People.ai’s proprietary Revenue Intelligence System, with Intelligent Matching and People Graph. This platform simultaneously analyzes customer activity data, contact and deal data from across the organization as well as the industry, to predict which sales, marketing, and customer success behaviors will drive results. It also provides a comprehensive map of the professional world that monitors your company’s professional network 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Customer champion move companies? Got it. Breaking news on your accounts? Got that, too. Missing the one person on your deal who can cut the check? We will find it and tell you who else can intro you!

With this data, The Wire is able to serve data-backed opinions on what is a “good” and “bad” deal. For example, showing insights like how many internal people have been involved in a deal and whether that deal is cost effective beyond a set number of days in the sales cycle. All this is backed up by our ability to benchmark across companies and industries, an ability unique to People.ai. This is Revenue Intelligence at work, and this is exactly what AI should be doing to help you be more effective and productive.

Your day, freed!

At People.ai, we believe in unleashing the human. We believe that by freeing you from administrative tasks and providing you with targeted, data-driven guidance and actionable insights, we enable you to spend more valuable face to face time with your customers.

The Wire will roll out to existing users of People.ai in Sales later this summer, with additional insight cards, including cards for Marketing and Customer Success professionals, to be released in a monthly cadence.

Are you ready to put the power of AI on your side and to learn more about People.ai’s Revenue Intelligence System? Request a demo today.