Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege to be a guest on some of the best podcasts around sales management best practices.

Recently I joined Andy Paul on his podcast, Accelerate. You can download it here. During this 30 minute podcast, Andy and I discuss the current state of the sales tech stack and how to make sense of all the data.

Sales teams are using a variety of tools, from email (SalesLoft, Yesware, Outreach.io) to dialers (InsideSales.com, Bellgram, RingDNA) and a variety calendar systems (G-Suite, Office 365).

The problem is that each of these tools collects data within a silo. Data is fragmented and poorly integrated. With current sales stack architecture, it is nearly impossible to see, understand and make confident conclusions based on data. And thus, managers end up making decisions based on their gut feelings.

Listen in as Andy and I discuss how sales managers can use tools like People.ai to flip things around and make decisions based on real, transparent and fully integrated data. With People.ai sales leaders get the full picture of what it takes to win a deal.