I’ve seen a lot of “sales analytics” software

Trust me, I have. As an advisor to numerous startups and most recently Head of Sales Operations at Smartling I see tons of this stuff. Most of it sucks. I don’t need another platform that’s basically a weaker version of Salesforce or a sales analytics tool that’s so hard to use it’s not worth whatever insights you manage to squeeze out of it.

Now let me tell you why I like People.ai

One of the biggest problems we have in sales today – other than that salespeople often don’t want to do their jobs – is data. What? You say. “Noah haven’t you heard of ‘big data’ and how we’re all drowning in a flood of data?” I have, but, to borrow a phrase, it’s not about size, it’s how you use it. The issue is twofold: as sales leaders we frequently don’t know what metrics to check, and even when we do, the data is often so weak that it’s basically useless.

"People.ai is like a pair of glasses - it gives you the clarity to see both what your team is doing and how their activity
 correlates to revenue."

Salespeople hate updating data in Salesforce and don’t always do it. Combine that with the fact that your average enterprise sales rep only sticks around for 18 months before moving on to their next gig (and taking all their knowledge with them) and you start to see the problem. As a sales manager you’re flying blind.

calls made and meetings attended automatically gets collected and stored in your CRM. I can quickly and easily slice through my team’s data and deliver feedback. Your team is happy because they don’t have to manually enter their data and you’re happy because you get a clear, accurate, picture of what’s actually happening on the sales floor. But that’s only part of the story.

Bob Dylan once sang that “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” I can walk into the office and tell that the sales guy spending all his time by the ping pong table isn’t closing deals. But I have a much less clear idea of what he should be doing. Because People.ai allows me to drill down into how each team member is spending their time I can quickly get insights as to what my top performers are doing that the rest of the team isn’t.

"As a sales manager your #1 priority is helping your reps up their game."

As a sales manager, I want to see how my reps are spending their day. How many hours did they spend emailing prospects? How long did they spend on customer-facing sales activities like reading customer emails or in meetings? Then I want to be able to rank my reps and separate their activity by account – that would help me find bottlenecks in my pipeline. People.ai lets me do that.

For example, at Smartling I noticed that certain reps were spending a ton of time on large accounts that were about to close. Makes sense. But what I found is that at a certain level we were hitting a point of diminishing returns – more time wasn’t necessarily going to help push these prospects through the procurement process faster. Instead, it would make more sense for our reps to take some of that time and use it to reach out to new prospects. This kind of information is invaluable. In sales management your #1 priority is helping your reps up their game. With People.ai you can deliver valuable feedback in a matter of minutes.

I was happy to serve as a reference customer for one prospect who simply couldn’t believe that People.ai could deliver everything it claimed to. I assured the prospect that it’s actually deceptively simple – People.ai gives you all the information you need to ask the right questions. That’s what makes it such a strong product and something every sales manager badly needs. Almost half of reps don’t make quota. That means every sales organization is leaving money on the table and every sales organization can do better. People.ai can’t do it for you, but it can show you the way.

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